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1. This is the Megalithic Wiki at Wikia[]

The Megalithic Wiki is intended as a detailed source of information about megaliths and megalithic sites around the world, including but not limited to dolmens, menhirs, cairns, standing stones, stone circles, henges, earthworks, petroglyphs, etc. and including detailed descriptions, all possible interpretations (e.g. archaeoastronomy), GPS locations, original user photographs of megalithic sites, bibliographies of research materials, literature, books, authors, websites, online journals (blogs), old and new media such as film and videos, etc. Terminology relating to megalithic sites is also to be included in the Megalithic Wiki entries.

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For people interested in megalithic sites and megalithic research, there is hardly a better tool available than a wiki. A wiki] allows a community of collaborative authors to add and edit content online, creating a content management system that facilitates worldwide publication of large amounts of information to be shared.

The Megalithic Wiki thus invites online users with an interest in megalithic matters to create a free account at the Megalithic Wiki and participate in a dynamic worldwide project of megalithic information.

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