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General Purpose

The Megalithic Wiki at Wikia is intended as a wiki for detailed information about megaliths and megalithic sites around the world, including but not limited to dolmens, menhirs, cairns, standing stones, stone circles, henges, earthworks, etc. and including detailed descriptions, all possible interpretations (e.g. archaeoastronomy), GPS locations, original user photographs of megalithic sites (from all angles and positions), bibliographies of research materials, literature, books and book reviews, authors, websites, online journals (blogs), etc.

Megalithic Terminology

Terminology relating to megalithic sites is also to be included.

Not Competing with Megalithic Websites

The Megalithic Wiki at Wikia is not intended to be a competitor to individual megalithic websites as published by numerous authors online. Indeed, these megalithic authors are urged to contribute articles, photographs, drawings and illustrations to Megalithic Wiki articles about megalithic sites with which such authors are familiar.

Worldwide Megalithic Compendium

Ideally, the Megalithic Wiki should function as a world-wide compendium of megalithic sites, broadly defined and construed to include petroglyphs, with liberal reference to be given to research sources and reference materials, both online and offline.

Megalithic Wiki Starting Template for a New Page

Create Additional New Pages

The basic page for any megalithic site should contain only the basic information about that site. New pages should be created for special themes.

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